Terms and Conditions

The techniques demonstrated by Karen Savage & Be-Epic through their online programmes are not a replacement for professional medical advice and if you have a condition either mental or physical that is outside the scope of their remit, you should seek treatment from your doctor or an appropriate medical professional.

The techniques used for the online programmes do not form a qualification of any sort and should not be taught by yourself unless fully qualified.

Karen Savage & Be Epic cannot be held responsible for any of the techniques shown and used by yourself on the programme or in the future.

No claims are made that these techniques can “cure” any of your current issues.

You must not cease treatment or medication prescribed to you by your doctor or health care worker without prior consultation with that professional.

By consenting to any of the online programmes, you have, if appropriate, informed your doctor or health care worker of the programme your are participating in.

You will take full responsibility of yourself during these online sessions and seek appropriate help from either your doctor or health care worker if need be.

Karen Savage & Be Epic cannot take any responsibility or liability for injuries or damages resulting from your participation and use of your own equipment in the online programmes.

By taking part in the online programmes, you understand that the use of equipment, is potentially a hazardous activity and also understand that some exercises could upset or cause an injury if performed incorrectly and that you are voluntarily participating in this activity with the knowledge of the dangers involved. 

When taking part in any of the online programmes you will ensure that you are physically sound and suffering from no condition, impairment, disease or infirmity or other illness that would affect your participation or use of your own equipment or facilities.

Refunds – except when required by law, there are no refunds on any of the online or live courses.