Success Stories

Kerry Barnes – Epic Body Client

I would highly recommend Karen to anyone embarking on a health and fitness program. She will help you with food, exercise and mind set with her experience in the field. She takes the time to personalise your training if you have any health conditions whether one to one training or group training.

I came to Karen as a person who hadn’t exercised in over ten years since a bad experience in a gym where I was ridiculed for being overweight. My confidence around diet and exercise was low.

Since getting help from Karen I have lost 14 stone and gained confidence. Everyone is friendly and welcoming when you first join, especially Karen. I work for the NHS and if I can’t get to sessions there are plenty of workouts online for me to do at home and work.

Jill Elford – Epic Mind Client

In 2013 I was diagnosed with M.E. I was exhausted, I had brain fog, I kept falling over and my joints ached. I was determined to carry on at work which put more pressure on me. It took 2 years to get a diagnosis at which point I was on my knees. I was desperate to get better. A friend suggested I speak with Karen and I am so grateful for the chance to have met her and worked with her. We did a lot of things and I spent a lot of time outside of the sessions meditating, reading the books she told me to and doing the homework she prescribed. 

On session 5 I told her I didn’t have M.E anymore! I absolutely knew! I had not felt that good in years. It was unbelievable. I went to the Chronic Fatigue clinic and spoke to the doctors there and they were over the moon and discharged me. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for the work I did with Karen I don’t know where I would be today because I was beyond the point of being able to cope much longer. I absolutely recommend working with Karen as its changed my life for the better and I am sure it will for you too

Maureen Sugden – Epic Body Client

Before I started training with Karen I felt terrible, I felt ugly and invisible. I felt embarrassed that I had got to a size 18. I have lost 26lbs now and can get into a size 14. Its not about the weight loss its about what I can now do. I ran for the tram today and I would have been too embarrassed to even try before. You need to take control of your own destiny! 

Charlotte Watson – Epic Mind Client

Karen helped me overcome my fear of deep water through using the Emotional Freedom technique. I went from not being able to swim out of my depth to being able to snorkel 2 months later.

A year after that I learnt to scuba dive. Thank you, Karen. Your positivity and belief in the seemingly impossible is infectious and changes people’s lives for the better.

Margaret Bentley – Epic Body Client

I’ve been working with Karen for the past year.  I really needed some motivation to get fit as middle-age is creeping up on me.  She has motivated me to get moving and given great tips on nutrition. 

I feel so much better than this time last year – I’ve lost weight, toned up and am the fittest I’ve been in 20 years!  Plus, the aches and pains and lethargy that I’d been feeling prior to meeting Karen have disappeared (apart from the aches and pains and lethargy induced by one of her sessions!!).  Be kind to yourselves people.  You won’t regret it! 

Cat Smith – Epic Body Client

Before joining Be Epic I only exercised begrudgingly, since joining Karen’s group classes I have not only seen my fitness improve but I actually enjoy exercising. For the last year I have added a weekly PT session with Karen, the content is varied and has really accelerated my health and fitness.

I have a very stressful job, since joining Be Epic I now cope with stress better and at 35 I am the fittest (physically and mentally) I have ever been! I have lost 29.5lb and 11% body fat. Thank you Karen!! 

Donna Glenn – Epic Mind & Body Client

Having suffered with anxiety and depression for most of my adult life, Karen’s holistic approach has helped me find new ways to manage my condition in the most natural way. 

I may have taken some time to come out of my shell, but now I feel part of the Epic family; one full of selfless support that empowers you to not only believe but actually achieve. What ever your story, your level of fitness or mental challenges you may be experiencing I can not express how much Karen and the gang have helped and inspired me, I’m so proud to be part of the Epic family.

Lydia Payten – Epic Mind Client

I highly recommend Karen using these techniques. After one session today I can already feel a release. Its not intrusive and you can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. Thanks Karen

Sara Townsend – Epic Body Client

I was initially nervous about getting a personal trainer since I thought she would shout at me and tell me I was lazy like my PE teacher used to in school. But Karen has been very supportive, even of me when I make no secret of the fact I hate exercise.

Having the weekly 25-minute one-to-one session feels ‘do-able’ to me and because Karen is expecting me I have to turn up! She’s been very encouraging and I am definitely seeing a difference in terms of my overall fitness and flexibility. I have also seen an improvement in my arthritic knee, as Karen has been giving me exercises that strengthen it, and I can take stairs a lot better than I could a couple of years ago

Wendy Smith- Epic Body Client

I joined the Epic Gang nearly 3 years ago to improve my fitness and lose weight.

I had never done a ‘boot camp’ and was very nervous but very quickly found that everyone was friendly and very supportive.

Although some of the members were very fit, there were some starting out like me.  Karen always gave us alternatives for low impact versions of the exercise and we were never made to feel inadequate.

I have found the confidence to exercise in public, even though I am not thin or particularly fit and my self- confidence has grown immensely.  I enjoy my Saturday morning classes followed by a social coffee, it’s a great start to my weekend.

 I’d recommend the classes to anyone considering starting their exercise regime or wanting to increase their fitness to give Epic classes a try.

Kate Fitzgerald- Epic Body Client

I first contacted Karen after my second child was born. Unlike other fitness instructors, she was interested in the whole package: exercise, mind and diet.

At first I had some PT sessions which I really enjoyed. Karen kept the sessions interesting and was also really good at encouraging me to feel positive about what I was doing. Soon I joined the saturday classes which were so welcoming and which quickly became a part of my weekly routine.

Being outdoors as well as the social aspect of the group are a huge part of why I keep coming back. In fact I now go to two classes a week as well as having a PT session a week. 

I would not hestitate to recommend Karen to anyone whatever their fitness level and especially if they are looking to join a group that offers you something a bit different from the norm!

Christina Roberts- Epic Body Client

Having not exercised for several  years I wanted to get into it again but was not sure where to start. I saw Epic Fitness on facebook and after speaking to Karen gave it a go. Everyone was so welcoming and Karen is so encouraging that I started doing 2 classes a week and haven’t looked back.

Its fun and I am achieving more in a short time than I thought I would. Come and join us you wont regret it!

Rina Patel – Epic Body Client

I joined Karens classes nearly three years ago, because I love outdoor training! I have built confidence in different aspects of exercise! This year I got my run on and can confidently run daily!

I would highly recommend, the one to one sessions, they are planned and tailored to the individual.  Best of all the Epic family rock

Rob Wright – Epic Body Client

I started classes over two years ago with my daughter to help us achieve a short-term fitness goal. I have enjoyed it so much that it has become part of my weekly routine. 

As well as being challenging fitness classes with Karen are fun, she is knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive. I particularly enjoy our kettle bell sessions which combines aerobic and strength training.

I find training outside fun and refreshing. I would recommend Be-Epic to anyone looking to train in a friendly and supportive environment whatever their fitness level

Hina Rathod – Epic Body Client

Be Epic is a family that I am so proud to be a part of and Karen is super amazing !!! She is fun and innovative and tailors every exercise to your individual needs. 

Be epic has had such a positive impact on my life mentally and physically and I can honestly say it has been life changing. Everyone belongs and it is a wonderful feeling

Kate Fitzgerald- Epic Mind Client

 I have had a couple of mind sessions with Karen which have been really helpful. As someone who has experienced anxiety and depression for most of my adult life, we have worked on these issues alongside the exercise which has really helped me to cope with life a bit better.

This was especially true during lockdown when Karen did some mindfulness and relaxation activities. 

Leah Sasse- Epic Body Client

Before I met Karen I had become lazy and complacent. I was applying for a new job and knew I needed to be fitter to be able to get the job.

Becoming fitter has given me a new found confidence that I hadn’t realised I was lacking. I have lost weight and gained stamina and muscle. Thank you Karen for all you do for me 

Anne Wright – Epic Body Client

Karen changed my whole outlook on exercise, I’ve been going for over 5 years now.

Karen works you hard but it pays off and I’ve made lifelong friends, nothing beats exercising outside with like minded people

Lester Allen – Epic Body Client

I started training with Epic Fitness after a NHS health check up a few years ago. I am now 70 years old and have glaucoma. Coming to class has helped bring down my blood pressure and cholesterol and I’ve made some very good friends in the process.

Give it go, you’ll feel a lot better.

Nigel Bentley – Epic Body Client

I feel fitter and stronger since working out with Karen. Karen’s lessons are always varied and fun and nothing is too much trouble. Thank You

Kerry Bradley – Epic Body Client

I feel totally energised after class. Socially it is also great and I have met some lovely people. 

Christina Clarke – Epic Body Client

I started going to class just over a year ago after about 7 years of having almost no excercise at all. Since then I find myself looking forward to class each week. 

 Karen makes the sessions fun and varied and I really enjoy the fresh air of the park and the laughs we have!

Sue Martin- Epic Body Client

I found Be Epic in the summer of 2017, when it popped up in my Facebook stream. I was at the point of feeling like I needed to reboot something to feel fitter and lose a bit of weight and the idea of exercising outside rather than in a gym sounded great.

I’m still going twice a week 3 years later, whatever the season, come rain or shine. Karen spends time planning the sessions to mix things up, so you never know exactly what you are going to get – except a good workout.

I think the other brilliant difference to other exercise classes that I have done over the years, is that people chat, encourage and get to know each other. I look forward to turning up for a bit of banter and a laugh, which is definitely a bonus that makes me not want to miss a session. 

Cari – Epic Body Client

“As soon as I arrived for the first session I felt part of a team. Karen’s classes are fun, engaging and inclusive. Varying the workouts from week to week, a lot of thought goes into building fitness for the whole body.

Karen advises  on technique and adjusts exercises dependent on your particular level. She is always watching to see if you are ready for more or if an injury or otherwise means you should ease off- which is ideal. It’s one of the healthiest things I’ve done and I always love turning up for a class! 

Adapting to make everything covid-safe was handled incredibly well, and the outdoor environment is wonderful.

Maria Dowsett – Epic Body Client

 I started bootcamp 2 years ago as I felt I needed to help myself feel better mentally and physically. I met Karen when she started the couch to 5k over Beddington Park but decided running was not for me so I joined up to her classes instead.

Best thing I have ever done, the classes are so varied. I love the kettlebells and skipping. Being outside in our lovely park is such a bonus too, even when it’s raining and cold.

Everyone made me feel welcome and they are a very nice friendly bunch of people.  I would definitely recommend Karen’s classes … there is never a dull moment.

Kasia White – Epic Body Client

 Starting Karen’s  classes has been an absolute godsend for me. While I started for health reasons, it has meant so much more to me as it provides me with a much needed break from caring for my disabled son, makes me feel stronger and fitter ( a bit ?).

Karen’s  classes are varied, full of lovely people and so much fun! I was always dreading the concept of a boot camp, but your classes changed my perspective and I always look forward to the sessions.

All I can hope for is that my circumstances don’t change and I can keep attending.

Emily & Marta – Epic Body Clients

 I have recently started personal training sessions with Karen, and I have to say that I love them! I was initially quite nervous about starting the sessions as I had been plagued by inactivity due to years of heavy work and study commitments. However, as soon as I started working with her, I felt reassured, well looked after, and even more motivated to make a positive change in my life.

I was impressed by the thoroughness of Karen’s initial assessment, and remain impressed by the way she continues to assess and track my progress on a week-by-week basis.

Karen has shown a real skill for identifying my individual needs, energy levels and fitness capabilities. As a result, her sessions are tailored with the whole person in mind, and always with my best interests at heart.

Karen follows up on sessions to see how I am getting on. She also sets individual tasks for me to conduct outside of the sessions which help me to keep on track with my progress. This is really helpful to me as I can easily go off track and resort to old habits.

Karen conducts her sessions with enthusiasm, warmth and a solid knowledge base which makes me feel secure and trusting when working in her presence. I look forward to my sessions and cannot wait to see what she has planned as they are not only good for me, but loads of fun too!

Thanks Karen!

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