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Just £15 per month

The Fit in 15 Family


2 Live Sessions per week


5 Pre Recorded Sessions per week


Sessions planned via your feedback – Tell me what you want & I’ll record it


Mind Sessions to Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety


Variety of Toning & Fat Burning 


Done in the comfort of your own home


Weekly Accountability Weigh Ins


Monthly Ask the Expert Q&A


Monthly Re-Set Challenges

When I first started this group I initially just wanted to do a free 15 day challenge to help kickstart people’s health and fitness goals. I had no real thought process behind it.  I certainly didn’t have any plans of keeping it going long term! 

What I quickly realised during the first 15 days was just how successful this group was and how much people missed being part of something – a fit fam!

So off the back of its success, I had quite a few messages asking if it would be possible to keep it going long term as a members group and if so how much would it cost to run it etc.

I wanted to keep it affordable and enjoyable and I am hoping that it does just that.

I am always open to feedback so feel free to let me know what I can do to keep improving the quality of your membership.

Thank you for being part of the Epic Fit Fam.

Lots of love


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    Success Stories

    Donna - Fit in 15 Champ - 5lb Weight Loss

    Workouts on the plan were brilliant. 15 mins that can be easily slotted into the day, There adaptions for beginners were great too. Thanks Karen, a great plan and your support and motivation throughout has been awesome too. 5lb lighter and more motivated than ever.

    Karla - Fit in 15 Champ - 3.5lbs Weight Loss

    Fit in 15 was AMAZING. I enjoyed everything – exercise, relaxation, Fitness Pal daily calories recording, our team and the best Instructor who was looking after us all the time. Thank you Karen❣️Looking forward to the next CHAPTER

    Lauren - Fit in 15 Champ - 8.5lbs Weight Loss

    I’ve enjoyed it soooo much, it’s really given me the boost I needed and have remembered why I used to love exercise! And losing 8.5lbs to kick start the long journey ahead has really given me the motivation I need to carry on.

    Shelina - Fit in 15 Champ - 9.6lbs Weight Loss

    I’ve loved it!! Literally given me the kick start I needed! Loved the morning workouts ready and waiting for you. 15 mins is achievable too. Loved the meditation and the guidance we’ve had alongside. I’m going to carry this. Would definitely recommend to others.

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