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Can You Relate to this?

“I felt terrible! I felt ugly, invisible & embarrassed that I had got to that size”

Meet Maureen, she is a regular 56 yr old lady who just happened to lose her way with her health and fitness. She had got comfortable in life and then woke up one day and didn’t recognise herself anymore. Maureen felt incredibly embarrassed about the size she had got to and as a result felt ugly and invisible.

Sound familiar? The truth is it can happen to any of us at any age and male or female.

The one thing we all have is choice and you CAN choose to have a healthier life and this is where I help.

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Success Stories

Kerry - Epic Body Client

Since getting help from Karen I have lost 14 stone and gained confidence…

Cat - Epic Body Client

I have a very stressful job, since joining Be Epic I now cope with stress better and at 35 I am the fittest (physically and mentally) I have ever been! I have lost 29.5lb and 11% body fat…

Maureen - Epic Body Client

I have lost 26lbs now. It’s not just about weight loss, it’s also about what I can now do…

Margaret - Epic Body Client

I feel so much better than this time last year – I’ve lost weight, toned up and am the fittest I’ve been in 20 years!…

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