About Me – Karen Savage

About Me

Hi, I am Karen Savage and I have over 30 yrs (gosh where has that time gone) experience in the Mind & Fitness industry and with a degree in Sport & Exercise Science I have a firm grounding in Nutrition, Injuries, Sport Psychology, Biomechanics and Coaching. Combine this with my PE Qualification and PT Qualifications and its safe to say your mind & body is in very experienced hands.  

Having studied Sport Psychology my thirst for mind fitness started to grow and through wanting to overcome my own challenges in 2011 (see the video at the top) I started to qualify in a number of other mind techniques that would specifically help with overcoming trauma, anxiety, stress and emotional breakdowns.

Why I can Help You?

I am a firm believer in walking the walk to be able to talk the talk and so by me experiencing panic attacks, anxiety and feelings of hopelessness, I have been able to try, test and qualify in the very best mind techniques available.

One size does not fit all and therefore having a toolbox of techniques to draw upon helps me really get to the root of the problem and offer a solution that will provide the result you are looking for.

What I can share with you is that there is light at the end of the tunnel and the first step towards it is asking for help.

Life and Beliefs

The two men who rule my life are Leo and Lonzo. Lonzo is my dog and best friend and Leo is my 4 yr old nephew. You will see both of these characters on many of my videos as they do like to join in and offer their services.

I have many sports that I love but my biggest passion is being on or in the water. I took up paddle boarding during lockdown and it really was the life raft that kept me sane.

If I get to work with you, you will find out that my beliefs and values are about living life to the full. I don’t believe in age stopping people from achieving their goals and dreams – you just adapt and achieve!

So my question to you is, what is stopping you?

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