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I’m Karen Savage Sport/Exercise Scientist & Mindset Coach and I am on a mission to help people just like you transform your life through building a Stronger Mind & a Healthier Body.

My motto is Be Anything You Want but Be Epic About it!

How I Can Help 

“Happiness is a State of Mind”

Yes you can choose to be happy! You are what you think! Let me help you choose your thoughts the same way you choose your clothes everyday!

“Be Stronger than Your Excuses”

 Nothing is going to happen in your comfort zone – thats where all the excuses are! Take action today to be a stronger, healthier and more confident you! 

Kerry - Epic Body Client

Since getting help from Karen I have lost 14 stone and gained confidence…

Jill - Epic Mind Client

On session 5 I told Karen I didn’t have M.E anymore! I absolutely knew! I had not felt that good in years. It was unbelievable…

Maureen - Epic Body Client

I have lost 26lbs now. It’s not just about weight loss, it’s also about what I can now do…

Charlotte - Epic Mind Client

I went from not being able to swim out of my depth to being able to snorkel 2 months later. 1 year later and I have learned to scuba dive…

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